Betsy Bot

The highly configurable, customizable, and FREE
Discord bot made for your business or community.

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Support Tickets

Streamline your support ticket management with Betsy Bot. Our system enhances user satisfaction and workflow efficiency with features like customizable ticket categories. It empowers administrators to offer top-notch customer service. Experience seamless integration and a user-friendly interface that revolutionize support in Discord communities. Upgrade your server's support experience with Betsy Bot today!

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Seamless GitHub Integration

Revolutionize your GitHub workflow with Betsy Bot's Discord integration. Effortlessly create, track, and manage GitHub issues from your Discord server. This powerful tool is perfect for development teams and project managers looking to boost collaboration and streamline processes.

Stay ahead with real-time updates on issues, and interact directly using simple Discord commands. Enhance team communication and stay in sync with your GitHub projects, all within the convenience of Discord.

Betsy Bot bridges Discord and GitHub, offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly project management experience.

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Accept Payments

Experience the future of transactions with Betsy Bot, integrating Coinbase Commerce for effortless cryptocurrency payments on your Discord Server. Facilitate secure, instant purchases and donations without leaving Discord. Our bot simplifies crypto transactions, supporting leading currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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Custom Command Builders

Enhance your Discord Server with Betsy Bot's intuitive Command Builder. Easily create custom commands to fit your community's unique needs, no coding skills required. Our user-friendly interface offers a range of possibilities, from fun interactions to essential server management. Personalize and streamline your server effortlessly and foster a thriving community with unique commands. Embrace advanced server customization with Betsy Bot’s Command Builder.

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Send Messages / Announcements

Elevate your Discord Server's communication with Betsy Bot's custom Message Builder. Easily send targeted messages to specific channels or broadcast across multiple channels. Create engaging announcements, updates, and reminders with our user-friendly interface. This tool ensures your messages reach the right audience, enhancing server interaction and community engagement. Experience unmatched convenience and connectivity with Betsy Bot’s Message Builder.

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Transform your Discord Server with Betsy Bot's engaging giveaway feature. Easily set up and manage interactive giveaways to enhance member engagement and interaction. Our user-friendly interface lets you tailor giveaways with custom durations, prizes, and winner criteria, creating unique and memorable events. Foster a lively community atmosphere and strengthen member connections with this dynamic and fun giveaway tool.


SO Much More!

Benefit from a state-of-the-art Discord Bot, crafted by a dedicated team committed to delivering a reliable and advanced server solution. Enjoy lightning-fast support ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience. The best part? It's completely free! Packed with unparalleled features and excellent support, this bot elevates your Discord Server, offering a constantly evolving, comprehensive server management tool at no cost.