Revolutionize Your Support System

Streamline ticket management and enhance user engagement with our intuitive ticketing feature.

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Effortless Ticket Creation

Initiate support tickets with ease using Betsy Bot. Choose between a simple button click or a dropdown menu selection to open tickets. This flexibility ensures a user-friendly experience, catering to diverse preferences and streamlining the support process for your Discord community.


Tailored Communication

Personalize your user interaction with fully customizable panel messages and initial responses. Betsy Bot allows you to set the tone of your customer service, ensuring that every ticket starts with the right message, aligned with your community's ethos and communication style.


Capture Essential Information

Enhance your ticket management with Betsy Bot's Discord Modal Forms. When a user opens a ticket, effortlessly gather vital information through a custom form. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that you have all the necessary details to address the query efficiently.


Comprehensive Ticket Histories

Never lose track of a conversation with Betsy Bot's transcript generation feature. After a ticket is closed, a complete transcript is automatically created, allowing you to revisit past interactions for reference or quality assurance. This archival feature is invaluable for maintaining high standards of service.


Streamlined Ticket Assignment

Organize your support workflow efficiently with Betsy Bot's Ticket Claiming feature. Allow team members to claim tickets, assigning them as responsible responders. This functionality ensures that each ticket is promptly attended to by the appropriate personnel, enhancing the effectiveness of your support system and ensuring accountability within your team.